WHO is hunting you?
In your dreams or nightmares? What keeps on coming back? Over and over again?

The thing, you get so tired, bored or scared of?
A bird?
You, yourself naked?
Or ………..?

What or WHO keeps coming back? In your nightmares and dreams? What is it? WHO wants your attention?
In Active Dreaming* we look at these appearances as gifts. An invitation to wonder and ponder, to ask yourself some questions.
What is it, WHO wants my attention? What is it… WHO wants to be SEEN by me?

If you are willing, try to have a look into this shadow.
It is an invitation. For you.
To unwrap, to discover and… to make you become the best version of you!
Yes! And then, turn it around….
Look at your shadow from a total new and UPLIFTING perspective.
A different Point-of-View.

No more denying or running away.
Face it!

before you do that, use new glasses.
The shiny, sparkling  BRILLIANT glasses.
Called: The happy-feeling glasses.
Or: The wonderglasses.
Put these on when you have a look into your shadow. Facing what is hunting you, from a positive and uplifting perspective.

So, with these shiny, sparkling glasses you look brilliant and you are ready to play with it! And do it like this:
This “thing” that is hunting you, your shadow, you are going to face it and when you look at it there is only one rule!
When you can’t, MAKE SOMETHING UP.

Write all of them down, draw them, or envision them. Make up as much as you can.
Then, ask yourself: How can I use these positive qualities in my life? To make my life easier, to feel more confident, to feel more stronger or more alignment with my true nature? Can I use these qualities to create more happiness in my life?
Can these qualities be THE BRIDGE I need? If you think or believe that these POSITIVE qualities can help you, assist you, invite and welcome them into your life…..make them your own. How? Play!
Play with it……..in YOUR OWN unique way.

For example: Pretend that you are this beautiful Peacock who is showing her beautiful feathers
….Walk like Peacock….Dress like Peacock…Eat like a Peacock…..Sing like a Peacock…..
in a playful manner……….
And last and first: LAUGH

When you do all of this, you will be surprised and Your shadow will enlighten you…..


*Active Dreaming  is a way of talking and walking our dreams, of bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life.
is a method of shamanic lucid dreaming and a way of conscious living.